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Four winners – Four champions

Swedish Gourmet Herring is produced by herring lovers for herring lovers. Our goal is to offer the absolute best herring inlays made by Swedish herring producers. This edition presents a collection of four winning entries that have been carefully selected by some of Sweden’s most established gourmet chefs and herring lovers. These taste tests are carried out during Herring’s Weekend in Marstrand on the Swedish west coast, which is arranged annually the first weekend in June.

Marstrand’s Winning Herring Grand

Creamy herring with apple, horseradish, Swedish mustard and dill

This herring won The Herring Weekend ́s great Herring Race in 2017 and was sold throughout Sweden at ICA Maxi, City Gross and various wholesales. Behind the recipe are Alexander Stärnerz, Head chef at Grand Hotel in Marstrand Sweden. 260g

Marstrand’s Pier Herring

Creamy herring with capers & chives

This entry won The Herring Weekend’s Great Herring Best In Test 2016, where some of Sweden’s top gourmet chefs tasted 15 of the best herring deposits from all major retailers in Sweden. Each supplier submitted their three best entries to the test and eventually Marstrand’s Pier Herring was the winner. 260g

Tommy G’s Onion Herring

A clear onion herring with leek, ginger and carrots

This lovey special onion herring from Tommy G’s won the Great Onion Herring Contest in 2017. The recipe originates from Mr Tommy G himself – a connoisseur in the herring industry from the southern parts of Sweden. 260g

Branteviks Herring

Clear spicy & and sweet – made from fresh herring

This winning entry won the Great Brantevik Herring Contest in 2018. This Herring is prepared according to old tradition methods from the small Brantevik fishing village in the southern part of Sweden. 260g

All herring nets are MSC-marked and certified for sustainable fishing.

What is Herring’s Weekend in Marstrand?

Herring Weekend in Marstrand is another event to draw attention to herring and Marstrand’s importance as a historical center for the trade in the Bohuslän herring and to celebrate Swedish food traditions. According to tradition, all of Marstrand’s skilled chefs compete to see who makes the best herring filling. Visitors then taste all the fantastic herring fillings and vote for the one they think is the tastiest. This competition is called the Herring Race. At Sillens Helg, other taste tests are also arranged with some of Sweden’s top gourmet chefs on the jury.

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